It’s Workshop Time!

Hey Folks!  It’s that time of year again.  It’s workshop time!

I’ve been receiving numerous requests to host my Beauty Workshop again this year.  It was such a success that I seem to be having some students taking it over and over again.  The one benefit of taking this workshop is that you get to use the images for your portfolio and the images from the previous two have been fantastic.  Even the agencies are happy with the results, which makes me very proud knowing that all of my students did so well considering most won’t be pursuing fashion photography.  The idea is to learn how to interact and direct your subject.  Be it a seasoned model or a relative.  It’s more about the ease of directing and gaining confidence as you shoot.  There were many great responses from all sides.

If you’re a returning student, I look forward to seeing you again!  If you’re someone who hasn’t taken this workshop yet then please do consider.  You will greatly benefit!

You can contact me at for registration info.