Portrait Project – Rob

Nadia Cheema © 2012

Before the holidays arrived I had been debating about my work in photography.  I’m still shooting Fashion because I love it, but I first got into photography because I loved shooting people….. not just accessories and dresses and hats and oh my!  People have always fascinated me and shooting fashion has helped me to gain confidence in directing people during a shoot and planning the shoot ahead of time.  There are times where ideas come on the day of the shoot, but I always walk in prepared prior to it.   So I felt like I wanted to photograph portraiture again… but with my style.

I’d like to introduce to you all my first image for this project.  There will be more as I will be building a collection with this.  Mixture of black & white and color.  I’m hoping to do a gallery show in the future featuring these lovely, confident, inspiring folks whom I’ve either have met recently or have known for a loooooong time.  More to follow in future posts!


ps:  people have been asking me about the Beauty Workshop and wondering when I’ll be hosting another one.  I’m planning on running it in February sometime again.  So stay tuned!